Turra Coo, Turriff

Situated on Coo Corner, officially the intersection of Main and High Streets, the bronze statue of an Ayrshire-Shorthorn milking cow, that caused a riot as the government of the day (1913) had seized the cow for arrears of national insurance contributions by the cow’s owner, Robert Paterson.

Local farmers refusing to allow the cow to be auctioned pelted the sherriff and his cohorts with tomatoes and soot enabling the coo to escape, where it was later found hiding in a barn. The rioters were acquitted when a court in Aberdeen found the charges against all 81 of them not proven,

The cow in question was later sold at auction in Aberdeen, however a local woman, Bryony Miller, managed to raise enough money from the local farming community to have the cow bought back to Turriff and after a procession through the town, gifted back to Robert Paterson.

The statue and interpretation board give a real sense of the spirit of Turriff, and to this day, posing next to the coo will see the visitor greeted with an, “aye, aye” and a big smile from the townsfolk.

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