Whitehills Lighthouse

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  • Built in 1903, the current lighthouse on the North pier is only the latest of several that have stood at the entrance to Macduff harbour. At 11m (36ft) tall, the lighthouse is one of the tallest on the Banffshire Coast, is a white conical structure, and the warning light flashes…
  • Email: fiona@watergaw.com Tel: 01261 861090 4 Chapel StreetWhitehills, Banffshire AB45 2NBScotland
  • A chalybeate well, one of only a handful in Scotland, the Red Well water is a natural mineral spring well with iron content which gives the water its distinctive red colouring. In former times, people would drink from the well as they thought the waters had healing properties. In fact,…
  • Whilst located in Whitehills, the memorial is for the district of Boyndie and commemorates 36 killed in the first world war, and 15 from the second war. The obelisk is of white granite with four sides, and contains three panels in red sandstone on the sides and rear.

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