Banff Castle

A Georgian period mansion house designed by John Adam, and situated on the site of Banff’s original motte and bailey fortress. The outer walls and moat of the original castle remain, with Adam’s mansion filling the space that would have been the inner court and tower.

The Comyn family, Earls of Buchan, had the original castle built in the 1100s as part of Scotland’s coastal defences against Viking invasions. Indeed, David I may have been instrumental in funding the construction, though it was Malcolm IV who is known to have stayed in the castle in 1163.

After the defeat of William Wallace, England’s Edward I stayed in Banff castle in 1296 and 1298, his army holding the castle until 1310 when Scottish forces retook it.

In 1722 the castle came into the possession of Lord Ogilvy who proceeded to demolish it such was the state of disrepair. It was he who commission Adam to design the current mansion.

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