Banff Bridge

Made up of seven arches, between which are found six occuli, Banff bridge is a key attraction on the Deveron River. Built in 1779 by the architect John Smeaton, it was widened in 1881 by John Willet.

Smeaton’s bridge in Banff was his third in Scotland, the first two being at Coldstream and Perth, and the design was innovative in its day for having heavy set foundations, and wooden supports within the spandrels, allowing with the original road surface to be only half a metre above the highest point of each arch.

Willet, in 1881, widened the bridge by adding additional structure to the legs, and moving Smeaton’s original cladding away from the centre, but in so doing, also removed the original black stone that had filled the occuli.

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  • 32 Bridge StBanff, Banffshire AB45 1HBScotland

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