St Comb’s Well, Portsoy

St Comb’s well is a natural water spring in the grounds of Portsoy’s cemetery, close to the Burn of Soy and the Links Beach. It was originally attached to a chapel of the same name, and may have been built in the 600s, although a worn plaque above the entrance indicates it was restored in 1893.

Within the domed structure, there is a stone bench set against the inner wall, a small basin into which the spring emerges, and three square shelves built into the wall for candles.

The well is built into a tall mound that some theorise might have been the base for a Roman lighthouse constructed during the invasion of Septimus Severus between 208-211.

St Comb, a contraction of St Columba, was an Irish Christian missionary who founded Iona Abbey and travelled around what is now Scotland evangelising and converting pagan Picts.

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