Liberty Boat Garden, Portsoy

Liberty is an old creel fishing boat built in Fraserburgh in 1935 which was used along the Moray Firth until decommissioning in 1990. Following restoration work the boat became a popular attraction during the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival but as with many wooden boats, eventually would have required new timbers.

The Liberty Gardens, located on the hill above Portsoy’s old harbour, and just behind the lighthouse is one of the little gems hiding in plain sight that absolutely must be visited. It was here that Liberty has been laid so that future generations can appreciate Portsoy’s boat-building past.

From the Shore Inn, turn right and head up a set of steps that begin next to what looks like a WWII Nissen hut. The garden is small but is well maintained and has a viewing platform with telescope for looking out for dolphins that frequently pass.

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