Inchdrewer Castle

Just a few miles South-West of Banff, inland from Boyndie, Inchdrewer Castle, also known as Inch Druar in the late 17th century. The castle was constructed in the early 1500s by James Currour or his father, a legal family from Banff.

In 1557 the castle was sold to Walter Ogilvy of Dunlugas who enlarged the structure, today seen only as low ruins surrounding the main tower. His son, George, became Lord of Banff in 1642 in recognition of his support of Charles I during the Covenanter rebellion.

The family’s royalist loyalties resulted in the murder of the 4th Lord of Banff in 1713 and destruction of the castle by fire in revenge for his father supporting the Act of Union of 1706, “for selling out his country for 11 shillings of English money”.

The castle was rebuilt again after the fire, and then attacked and largely destroyed by the Duke of Cumberland during the Jacobite rebellion, despite the family support of the Union.

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